Entry conditions

Important notes on the application:

To preserve the unique, inspiring and friendly atmosphere of our race, we keep the right to examine each and every incoming application based on our own criteria, and reject it without any further explanation.

Due to the conditions of the track and the accommodation the number of athletes we can serve is limited. During the registration we give advantage for those ultrarunners who have already taken part in our previous races and contributed to make our race a successful multiday event.

The applicable entry period is always decided by the start of the bank transfer and NOT the submission of the entry form.

If you cancel of the race, then we will return the entry fee, but deduct the bank charges.

6 day event (09- 15 May 2019.)

First night: 08. May 2019. (Wednesday)
Last night: 15. May 2019. (Wednesday))

Details for the bank transfer

Account holder: EMU,  Hungary 1118 Budapest, Kaptarko utca 6.
Bank: CIB Bank, H-1027 Budapest, Medve utca 4-14
IBAN account number: HU12-1070-0378-4913-0809-5000-0005