Balatonfüred facts

Constant population: 13 000
First written reference: in 1211
ZIP code: 8230
GPS coordinate of the camping: 46°94' 565" / 17°87' 709"
Street View:

The website of the city offers  quite useful tourist information in Hungarian, English and German languages. We highly recommend you to use the Street View. Using this function you can take a virtual walk in Balatonfüred and if you are open-eyed enough, you will even find the main entrance of the camping that hosts our race.

Balatonfüred is a place where everybody can find a nice dining place that meets his/her expectations and standards. Click on the following ling to see the list of the major restaurants in the city:

But if you are looking for the authentic tastes of Balaton, simply take a walk at the shore, check which cook-shop has the longest queue and order a lángos or a portion of fried fish there. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Bike rental

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