The region

If you want to warm up before the race or chill out afterwards, Lake Balaton touristic region can offer you various possibilities. If you arrive with company, there are plenty of programs and places to visit even for 6 days. This region is one of the best-equipped touristic centres of Hungary. Here everybody can find accommodation, restaurants, cultural programs and free-time activities that suit their interests and their budget.

Main sights near Balatonfüred (with their distances from the race venue)

Though we are not sure if one has enough energy after a 6 day race to explore the area, we truly hope that you will return to Lake Balaton in the future, having seen its beauty.


Active recreation
Only 50 km far from Balatonfüred, Balaton Uplands National Park with its volcanic hills and narrow tourist paths provides you an ideal opportunity to see the nearby villages for yourself. From the hills Lake Balaton shows itself in its fully beauty to the hikers.

Balaton Uplands National Park (Badacsony, 50 kms)


The main tourist attraction in the area is obviously Lake Balaton itself, with its beaches. The one in Balatonfüred is especially popular among sailors and beach-goers.

Hungary is well-known for its thermal baths, there is no other place in Europe with so many spas. Lake Hévíz is about 70km far from Balatonfüred and its certified medicinal water is perfect for recreation after the 6 day race.

Hévíz (a natural lake with with medicinal water, 70 kms) 


Cultural tourism
If you have the time, you shouldn’t miss the beautiful cultural and artistic sights on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. See some recommendations on the list below:

Veszprém Episcopate (Episcopal Palace, baroque buildings in the castle district, zoo, 18 km)


Keszthely, Festetics castle (65 km)


Tihany, Benedictine Abbey from 1055, breath-taking view of Lake Balaton (8 km)


Káli basin: handicrafts and organic products market in Káptalantóti (every second Saturday, 36 km)


Wine tourism
Hungarians usually associate a glass of cool white wine with the northern shore of Lake Balaton, as well as inflatable mats, sailing boats and the tasty lángos. This is not by chance, since the volcanic hills around the area are ideal for wine-growing. There is nothing more rewarding after a half-day hiking trip than sitting on the terrace of a wine cellar, sipping some delicious Olaszrizling and enjoying the panorama of Lake Balaton.

Autumn in Badacsony

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