Service table:         available 0-24h, with at least 2 helpers
Breakfast:               served at the service table, usually French bread, scrambled eggs, etc.
Lunch & dinner:     from the nearby restaurant
During the night:    hot tea, hot broth, etc.
Option:                    vegetarian menu upon request


Unix, the organizer sport club of this event mostly consists of active ultrarunners. The key to the success of this event is the practical experience that our racers have collected during the last decades. We try to plan the nutrition of the participants as if we did it for ourselves. For runners who follow vegetarian diet we can provide 100% vegetarian meals for the entire time of the competition. Please inform us beforehand if you have such a request.


Service table
The service table is open on 0-24h basis and is located in the close vicinity of the track and the bungalows. Behind the table at least two members of our team serve the athletes and their helpers. Generally, you can find the following meals and drinks on the table:

honey, jam (apricot, sour cherry and mixed), bread and butter, cheese (edam type), cheese (Greek feta type), sour cream, drinking yogurt, milk, chocolate milk
salted peanuts, plain biscuit, whole-grain biscuit (plain and cocoa flavored), ladyfinger (sweet biscuit), salted crackers, salted pretzels
apricot compote, sour cherry compote, orange, banana, lemon, apple
Isostar (lemon and orange flavored), Maltovit (liquid carbohydrate), isotonic drink, mineral water (carbonated and still)
cola, orange juice, non-alcoholic beer, tea
chocolate (milk and dark), muesli bar, muesli, dates, dried plums, dried apricots, dried figs, raisins
olive (green and black), raw and steamed vegetables (e.g. tomato, cucumber, potato, rice, red beet, celery)
Calcium+ Manganese+Zinc, Manganese, Tribumax dietary supplement products

"Varietas delectat"

 Warm meal
The breakfast is usually warm and is served at the service table for both the racers and their crew members. For breakfast we usually prepare French bread, scrambled eggs, etc. Lunch and dinner are prepared in Robinson restaurant, located 50 meters from the track.  The athletes can have their meals in the restaurant with a wonderful view to lake Balaton, but if they do not want to waste precious time, we can take their meal to the service table as well.  During the night we serve hot broth and tea in different flavours to keep the tired athletes warm.

In spite of the most accurate preparation and organization, there can be problems during a 6 day long event. To solve these issues as fast and easily as possible, we encourage all athletes to turn to the organizers for help.