Type of accommodation:    unheated bungalow with 2 rooms, 2 beds in each room
Distance from the track:    max. 3 meters
Bathroom and toilet:          in each bungalow
kitchen:                            in each bungalow
terrace:                            in front of/behind of every bungalow

Y   bedclothes
Y   towels
Y   fridge
Y   dishes, plates, glasses
Y   patio furniture for 4 persons
Y   kitchen furniture for 4 persons
Y   microwave oven, percolator
N   heating, air conditioning

When we asked William Sichel, the 2011 champion about the quality of the accommodation before the race, he answered without hesitation:

"Perfect. This is by far the best place that I have ever been lodged in a 6 day race."

And sure enough, the accommodations live up to the demands of most runners. There are clean and comfortable beds, separate bathrooms and separate toilets, shared kitchens and dining rooms at their service.

The track and the facilites through a participant's eyes (thank you, Miro!):

The patio furniture in the terrace of the bungalows is a real advantage. Athletes and crew members can put it right near the track and store their own food/drinks, appliances and lap counting papers there.

 Hanging out - Jutta and Adam from Germany (2011)

Based on the uncomfortable experience in 2011 we hereby draw the attention of our guests that these bungalows are not heated. May in Hungary is quite unforeseeable: in 2011 we measured +2C° in dawn and +30C° early in the afternoon. Bedlinen in the bungalows are only comfortable in high season (from June to September) and not in the late spring. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, we kindly ask you to bring your own sleeping bags or warm blankets with you.