The track


length:                       926,82 m
direction:                   clockwise
pavement:                100% asphalt
lighting:                     along the entire length of the track
lap counting:             two cip mats on two different points of the track
display of results:      60+" LCD display    

GPS coordinate of the camping: 46°94' 565" / 17°87' 709"  

The track selection was preceded by two years of research. According to the 2011 participants, this selection was quite successful.

Although it is really easy to reach by car, it locates in a calm and undisturbed part of the Balatonfüred Camping. The track is fully confined from cars, bikers and pedestrians during the race. As the camping itself is surrounded by fence and guarded by 0-24h reception service, racers and organizers do not need to worry about their belongings.

The race track:

The race is held on an officially measured  926,82 m long track. It is covered by high quality asphalt on its entire length. Participants run clockwise direction. As the track is well balanced with left and right corners, there is no turning in direction during the race. During the nights the track is fully lit, giving the racers enough confidence to keep their paces.

Another huge advantage of the location is that all of the service facilities (accommodation, race center, service table, health care and massage rooms) are located in the close vicinity of the track, in a distance of maximum 3 meters. We try to do our best to provide the racers with ideal conditions for reaching their goals.