The race

I. EMU 24 - 48 HOUR




29. September - 01. Oktober 2017.

​    1



Race of Nations is the official international team competition of the 2017 EMU 24 - 48 run races.




1, There is no need to enroll for the competition.
2, All the nations that are represented by at least 3 individual athletes in the 6 day race will automatically participate In the Race of Nations.

3, National teams always consist of the three best participants of the country (male + female athletes together). So the constitution of the teams may change during the race.

4, The actual mileage of the teams can be followed on the local display screen and the on-line result list as well.
5, The ultimate ranking is determined by the overall distance covered by the three best athletes of the countries.
6, The organizers will award the first three national teams.

We wish you a successful race!