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Dear Ultra Running Friends,

In the present situation, of course, it is not easy to speak without emotion. However, it is absolutely our obligation to share factual and official information with you. Therefore, we regretfully inform you with a heavy heart that:

A new government decree has been issued and will enter in force prohibiting the entry of foreign citizens into Hungary from 1 September 2020 due to the increasing risk of spreading COVID‑19 pandemic.
As you all know, the participation rate of foreign ultra-runners in our competition is clearly and explicitly evident year by year.
This has also been the case according to the accepted entries in the competition announced both in May and, then later on forcibly rescheduled, in September in 2020.

Owing to the above-mentioned external circumstances brought into force by the Government of Hungary; unfortunately, it is impossible to host our X. Jubilee EMU 6 Day Race World Trophy competition announced to be held September 24-30, 2020.

Obviously, the current situation is extremely sensitive to both our Qualified Ultra-Running Friends and the EMU Organizing Team.

Ithe participation rights acquired for May and September 2020 and the participation fees paid in 2020 are 100% valid with the same unchanged conditions in 2021 for both runners and their official companions, and transferred to 06-12 May, 2021 when, hopefully and very likely, our 6-day competition will be held without any interruptions of unfavorable world events.

We would like to express our deep sense of gratitude to you for your trust and patience that always gives us exceptional motivation and energy, and we definitely look forward to meeting all of our eligible runners in May, 2021, hopefully, in a “healed” world.
It is a great honor for us that you have all prepared to come to us from all over the world despite all the difficulties! We would also like to thank the members of the most populous Hungarian Team so far that we have only received encouraging thoughts from them even in times like this.

Of course, all our Ultra Running Friends and their companions will also be informed about the above in an individually sent e-mail since everyone may not read our Facebook page and website.

In connection with our competition in May 2021, we must state that the maximum race track and accommodation capacities have been reached by those ultra-runners who have acquired the right to participate in May and September in 2020. Therefore, the maximum eligible participation quota is full as of today. For this reason, the EMU organizing committee does not accept any further applications for the time being. Please be kindly noted and accept this fact. We thank you for the understanding of each member of the ultra-running community.

We cannot close our announcement with "smarter" thoughts than we did months ago, that is to say:
We truly believe that the plethora of preparatory work and time of the runners, and the directors and committee members of EMU cannot be lost and wasted in vain. Let us join forces with common energy in the hope that these difficult times caused by COVID‑19 pandemic will soon come to an end, in the meanwhile, thinking with compassion about those nations and their citizens who may be in the most difficult situations at the moment.

Sports friendly regards,
EMU Management and EMU 6D Race Competition Committee


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